It’s been said that I can write well, and so I believe – at least, I believe that, in writing, I can express myself to my own satisfaction. In speech, I fumble, and cast about for words, and – infuriatingly – miss the point of what I intended to say, so that what I meant to be a startlingly novel and percipient comment turns out to be either crushingly banal or just plain wrong.

This is not intended to be a blog with a subject; I’m just going to write about what I am thinking about, provided I’m not ashamed of it. A post might be along the lines of a comment piece  – a viewpoint or a sermon; or it might be a description of a place or event; or it might be purely fictional, if I can think of a good story (although some of my favourite books are the ones where not very much happens). See what you think.


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